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About Me

My name is Andrea Ormond, I live in Airdrie North Lanarkshire with my family , and our pets. I have a passion for helping people discover who they really are. To get to know themselves better, to understand why they do what they do. To help them ask for what they need and want, without feeling selfish. I believe self care is essential. I love helping others to accept and value themselves.

I have worked for over 27yrs within the NHS in a helping role , and in my career , I have been fortunate enough to work with people from all walks of life,  and in every situation imaginable.

 As well as my private practice, I work with a busy Employee Assistance Provider and provide both face to face, and telephone counselling to people in distress. I also provide face to face counselling for individuals and couples undergoing Infertility Treatments.

 I am registered with The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and with The British Infertility Counselling Association.

 I work with clients in a Person Centred way which means you are at the heart of everything we do together. You are the expert in your own life.

Why come to counselling?

Is life getting too much ?

Are you feeling anxious, stressed and just generally overwhelmed? Perhaps, you have been feeling depressed or suffering from anxiety and don't know where to turn.

Do you feel alone and lonely with no one to talk to ? Or when you do talk,  that  no one understands you?

Are you feeling lost and confused and you don't know how to go about feeling better?

Then counselling may be for you.

Why come to me?

I love seeing people become empowered in their own lives and begin to make changes, its why i do what i do. 

I have experience working with both men and women who have experienced grief, bereavement and loss. I have worked with individuals experiencing stress, depression and anxiety. I also have experience of dealing with work related issues including trauma. I work with people experiencing low self esteem and relationship difficulties. I have  particular experience of dealing with miscarriage, pregnancy loss and related issues.

My background within the NHS has given me an understanding of the challenges faced by those working within that environment and the impact of health difficulties on individuals and families.

In my experience many people feel anxious talking about their background and situation, but you are in safe  hands. Together , we will explore your issue at a pace thats right for you, so you can move forward  with your life feeling lighter and more empowered.

I realise that beginning counselling can often be the first step towards valuing ourselves and prioritising our own needs. Often, this can feel unfamiliar and almost selfish. Frequently we spend so much time meeting the needs of other people in our lives that we can forget about our own needs. 

You are worth taking time over, and  it is ok to not be ok. Caring for yourself isn't selfish its essential- but you knew that already didn't you?

 What you need to know now is how to actually go about doing just that.

 Being able to talk with a counsellor like myself can help you gain a better understanding of yourself. 

 Together we can explore what is troubling you and get a different perspective on the issue.

Call and arrange an appointment today and lets make a change.

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  • Devote some time to yourself, you deserve it. I work from a relaxed, quiet safe space in a  purpose built cabin in my garden in Airdrie North lanarkshire.
  •  Don't hesitate ,email, voice mail or text to arrange an appointment. Please leave a message and I will get back to you. Flexible appointments available.

Andrea Ormond

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